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Matt Pinner


Setup continuously building and learning environments



System Architect

Applied Machine Learning Intel architecture, graphics, and software group

I make continuous building and learning environments for research, training, and customer use. This includes applications for training set generation, data ingestion, and infrastructure automation. Role focuses on developing complete systems to showcase Intel powered machine learning applications.

Senior Software Engineer

Intel's Next Technology Group
2014 - 2018

I led projects within small Next Technology Group and Smart Devices Innovation teams. I created streaming data systems and services for distributed sensor networks, camera vision, dancing robot, and wearable technologies.

Software Consulting



Java Enterprise Systems


textPlus, Inc.
Accruent, Inc.
2008 - 2014


Colorado School of Mines

Mathematics and Computer Science


Future Problem Solvers


LAJUG Study Group


Philanthropy: creating family-friendly games, electronics, hackerspaces, workshops, badgelife, wearables, and art.
Essays: http://mpinner.com/essays/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mpinner

Technical Keywords

Windows; Cygwin; Linux; OSX, Design Patterns; Python; C/C++/C#; Tcl; Bash; Ant; Perl; NodeJs; Ruby; Java: J2EE, JNDI, JDBC, Applets, Servlets, Swing, Spring, Hibernate, Wicket, JUnit, Maven, Mule, Esb, ActiveMq, Jmx, Jms; Artificial Intelligence: Logical Reasoning, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, CNN, RNN, Mahout; Physics Simulations: C++, Mathematica, Generative Art, Glsl, TouchDesigner, Cellular Automa; MIPS: Architecture and Assembly, Assembly Language; Graphics: OpenGL, 2D/3D, 3D Studio MAX, Bryce, Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Blender, InkScape, TouchDesigner, Gimp; Data Encoding: Yaml, Markup, Xml, Json, Protocol Buffers, Castor, Axis, Xsd, XmlBeans; Distributed Computing: CORBA, RPC, MPS, sockets, MANET, JavaRMI, WSDL, Soap, Restful Web Services, Amazon Ec2/S3, XBee, ZigBee, 315mhz, 433mhz, 900mhz, OSC, Artnet, Xmpp, OPC, Inferred; Presentation: DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, XBAP, Wicket, Gwt, WordPress, Drupal, NowJs, JQuery, NodeJs, Processing, Ableton, Max; User Experience Design; Domain Driven Design; Continuous Integration, Scrum; Kanban; CruiseControl; Chef; Database: SQL, Microsoft SqlServer, Oracle, PostgreSql, HSqlDb, MongoDb, MySql, Voldemort, NoSql, Kyoto Cabinet; Domains: TechArt, Backline Showcontrol, Mobile, Messaging, MVNO, Financial, Real Estate, Consulting, Startup, Internet, Workflow, Scheduling, Geospatial Visualization, Demographics, ERP; Fabrication: 3D Printing, Screen Printing, Laser Cutting, Sewing, Circuit Design, Gardening, Cooking, Woodworking, Machining, Arduino, Intel Edison;